What were you expecting?

Hey everybody this is Brian Dunaway of Comics Coast To Coast, Filmsack and The Final Score. All on the FrogPants Network. 

This is where I had a dream of creating my own studio related to all things me. So until that happens; I will just write a quick blurb about a few things I am currently involved with.


Comics Coast To Coast - An aspiring once a week podcast that delves deep into the minds of syndicated and online comic creators. We seldom wander into the Comic Book industry. That is what ComicDorks is for.

Filmsack - A weekly podcast where the crew picks a potentially horrible movie from our pasts that is available on Netflix. Then we put it in a bag and beat the horse crap out of it.

The Final Score - The video game podcast for the rest of us. We discuss all things gaming. Our habits, news, old school, trivia and there is usually a contest to be won.

It's an inside joke that has manifested to the outside

It’s an inside joke that has manifested to the outside